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Abstract Background

Getting Started

The recommended pathway for the JackBord activities is to complete the guides level by level, in the order of Electronics, Programming, Sensors, Control, then Robotics.

For example, you would do all level 1 subjects before moving on to any of the level 2 subjects. However, this is not an enforced rule - feel free to jump ahead if the content is too easy, you want to learn something specific for a project, or are looking for a referenced activity.

Subject Codes

Each subject has a code that is 4 digits. The first 2 digits are the subject code, and the fourth digit is the level.

For example - 1001 is Electronics level 1,

and 1002 is Electronics level 2.

For some subjects, the 3rd number is a sub-subject.

For example - 2001 is coding level 1,

and 2011 is programming level 1.

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