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For Investors

JackBord Works Limited - a private company- was formed in 2019 with six founding shareholders.  


They all wanted to help the next generation shape the future of how we live, work and play, enabling curious minds to experiment and create, applying robotics to everyday problems, 

- to deliver youth a path that can take them to a variety of destinations, limited only by their imagination, whilst supporting them while they learn new skills and begin to think differently about things. 

Since, we have worked with local primary and secondary schools, and home schoolers, libraries and youth groups around New Zealand to develop, test and perfect the JackBord and associated learning materials. We have sold over 200 JackBords throughout New Zealand (and Hong Kong) and the feedback has been fabulous.

There is considerable interest to purchase JackBord, including unsolicited interest from Nigeria and Pacifica. JackBord is perfect for the STEM education needs of the developing and developed world, AND ultimately for commercial and agricultural use. 

There is no other product quite like JackBord anywhere. Whilst there are robots and software platforms that target STEM there is no competitor product that we know of that does it all. And at such amazing value. 

Our markets are worldwide. In New Zealand there are over 2,500 schools (800,000 students) and 12,000 home schoolers -all needing to teach STEM. Then there are libraries, youth groups, parents, grandparents wanting to keep the kids off their screens and occupied with constructive fun activities. Extrapolate that worldwide! 

We source our hardware materials from established and reputable suppliers that provide high quality parts quickly,  and because of their scale and technology enable us to continue to innovate cost effectively. There are a number of products in the breach and Jack has plenty of ideas for many more. 


Support platforms / applications are in place.

We are now satisfied that we are good to go!

Investment opportunity


We are seeking additional seed capital to hire staff, build stock and provide for marketing to generate further sales in preparation for our initial capital raise to scale to realise the considerable potential in our forecasts.

An ideal investor could be someone who shares our vision, perhaps participate in a senior operational role in the business, or as a director on the board. It is too early to make a meaningful valuation.

With a good deal of risk now eliminated this is a wonderful opportunity to invest at ground level for a significant stake and return in an exciting business that will make a significant social impact as it changes the lives of many for the better. 


If you are interested in investing, please contact Stuart Ayres

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