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Our clients say

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Anita Taylor, Science Teacher, Paraparaumu College

"The beauty of the JackBord interface is that students are able to engage with the learning in their own space and at their own pace. Students are not frustrated by step-by-step teacher directions, they can be given the robot and sensors, and learn through the website videos.

Currently our Year 11 classes use the Jackbord to produce data from gas and soil moisture sensors. All students learn to wire up the sensor and use the website to find a program to run to collect data. Students enjoy using their fine motor and computing skills to collect quantitative data that is quickly produced and easily processed."


Campbell Scott, Home School Student

"Adopting the Jackbord was an enjoyable task, and the instructions were clear and easy to follow. Using the TOP was an excellent learning experience and I was fascinated and impressed at the wide range of possibilities available. I just recently added the motors and wheels and found the driving experience to be excellent, the controls simple and easy to use, and enjoyed coding different tasks to the various buttons. As for the other activities you provided links for, I have already tried out the short range proximity sensor and temperature \ humidity metre. Both were great ideas and I look forward to trying out the other activities. I really appreciated the easy to follow, step by step guide videos, and am continually amazed at the diversity of functions that one can achieve with the Jackbord. I can't think of any criticism to give you"

Portable Soil Moisture Meter

Elgene, Student, Victoria University

"JackBord is well designed and highly functional. It is a great tool for entry level robotics students and enthusiasts.

The Octagon software is reliable and intuitive. I recommend it to anyone wanting an innovative and interesting learning tool."

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Jacob, Year 13 Student, Paraparaumu College

"During lockdown having a JackBord of my own made doing my own robotics projects possible. I still had everything that I needed to get my robots up and running due to the JackBord being so robust and including everything you ever need built in;

all I had to do was plug in my components.

Because the JackBord works with WiFi it can be controlled from anywhere in the world so we were able to have JackBord races from at home in our own bubble"

Beach Robot Claw

Lance Flavell,Digital Technology Teacher, Bishop Viard College

"I've never really ventured into electronics with any of my classes until now, so the idea of using JackBords was out of my comfort zone. I initially had concerns about managing the electrical components and whether students might be put-off by the programming interface. Instead, the students were super enthusiastic to wire up their JackBords to meet the challenges.

Students previously distracted by social media and youtube were now actively engaged in setting up their JackBords.

We are continuing to develop learning units and the JackBord experience has allowed me to unpack parts of the technology curriculum I'd previously considered out of reach."


Anonymous, Home Educator

"So far, we have really enjoyed the JackBord, and were amazed at all the cool things Matthew could do with it. (I was so happy that I don’t need to be a specialist on the subject for him to be able to do it). The videos are easy to follow, and it’s good that terminology now also gets explained.  …... Matthew also really enjoyed the online sessions with Jack and the other participants.

This is really well done, and I will recommend it to any parent who has a child interested in electronics.  Absolutely well worth the money.

Thanks for a great product"

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Sophie Tukikino,Former Principal, Te Kura Maori o Porirua

"The Jackbord Robotics program is presently being delivered in

Te Kura Mãori o Porirua to Year 7-8 and Year 9-10 students.

The JackBord is a durable, robust product, therefore it is very easy for students to become hands-on straight away.

JackBord allows students to become familiar with basic coding and using a range of components to build on the robots functionality. There is scope for students to use the JackBord to explore a range of responses to a problem, through a process of trial and error, develop a solution or, a range of solutions.

The feedback from our students has been very positive, teachers have observed highly motivated, engaged students who are often reluctant to move onto their next subject."

Beach Robot Cut out.jpg

Noah, Home School Student

“It has worked well and connects to the internet pretty fast.

Thank you"

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Theo's mother, Home Educator

“We have never seen Theo so excited. He must have spent at least 6 hours with it yesterday and was up early this morning to get going on it again. Have a wonderful day!”

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