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Stuart Ayres, Chief Executive

Stuart is delighted to be leading JackBord as it opens up a world of opportunity for so many young people who would otherwise not have a chance to realise their potential - especially in STEM.

He loves to work with and enable young people because of their innate curiosity, courage and energy and finds them as an incredible source of inspiration.

Apart from implementing strategy,  Stuart presently manages the team,  finances, funding / shareholders, marketing /branding/ communications, sales and legal.

He has an extensive background in finance, business development /start ups and advisory.

When not working at JackBord Stuart loves to fish, bike, golf, photograph, cook, travel and spend time with his grandies. He also finds time for voluntary community work through Rotary


Jack Penman, Founder and Chief Designer 

With a passion for creating new things and pushing the boundaries in everything he does, Jack enjoys working with the amazing team at JackBord and the students he is lucky enough to teach. He has learnt to understand and direct his gifts of ADHD and Dyslexia into experimenting, creating and teaching to solve the problems and challenges of today and tomorrow.

Apart from constantly coming up with new ideas and improvements, Jack manages hardware design, software engineering, documentation, education.

When not creating wonderful new things, Jack loves to teach electronics and robotics (especially via JackBord) to kids of all ages, play the cello and let off any surplus energy through karate. He is committed to supporting his two boys into a world of opportunity.

Jack recently attended TEDx Kapiti as a speaker, click here to watch his talk!

Meet the Team

As a start up we are a relatively small team who have worked incredibly hard over the past two years to bring Jack's vision to young learners, parents and educators.


We are all committed to making a difference for educators, and young learners of all ages and abilities by encouraging them into the world of STEM through the authentic learning experiences of JackBord.


We are about to reach out for talented software engineers, educators, administrators and marketing personnel who share our vision and passion. If you are interested  contact Stuart .


Geoff Fellows, Quality Control, Administration

With a background in ICT and Consulting, Geoff has provided his array of skills,  experiences and networks helping get JackBord off the ground.

He keeps active testing  product, systems and user experience.

A man of many interests, Geoff enjoys sailing, motorcycling, helping others and spending time with his grandchildren.

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