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JackBord-the ultimate tool for teaching and learning STEM for those aged 9 and above


The JackBord is a powerful, multifunctional, robust, durable electronics device, computer, robot, programming and analytical tool that comes with sensors, servos, motors and Jackano supported by  a multitude of video guides and activities to activate learners curiosity, ignite their imaginations and innate creativity. 

The possibilities are in the hands and minds of users.

Unlike many single use robots and construction sets, JackBord is a system that just keeps on giving-electronics, programming, robotics, science, art /graphics, construction, data logging.

One JackBord unit will see a user through their learning journey. Just keep adding sensors and kits.

The JackBord provides an authentic, hands on, real world experience sought by educators world wide.

It is for all ages and abilities, requires no prior knowledge and students can learn at their own pace and place.

Back Story

Jack Penman is a gifted educator and creative electronics engineer and recently TED Talks presenter who brings a rare and innovative vision to the challenge of teaching young and diverse minds. 

His unique brain distills complexity into simple solutions. Jack’s difficulties and frustrations accessing the education that both interested him and suited his learning style has driven him to address the many problems facing all learners, particularly the neuro diverse and minority groups. 

Drawing upon his innate curiosity, considerable knowledge, different way of thinking, and an ability to inspire others, Jack -with students and teacher colleagues- has created the JackBord -a system that is now is transforming the lives of many students of all abilities and backgrounds. 

JackBord Trust

Jack established the JackBord Trust to encourage more students of all learning abilities and backgrounds to take up STEM education, to help them realise their potential through problem solving, creating solutions, collaboration and learning new skills in order to contribute meaningfully and confidently in our ever changing world, and to broaden their career opportunities .

Any donations, grants and dividends received will be applied to fulfilling its purpose, helping students in need and to breaking down barriers to STEM learning.


As the Trust is a charity incorporated under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957, 24 May 2019. all donations are tax deducible.


Find out more about the trust and how to make donations at JackBord Trust 

Purpose (the why)


We open a world of opportunity for curious young minds for careers in science, technology, engineering and more…..

Mission (the how)

To remove the barriers to teaching and learning STE(A)M subjects for young learners of ALL abilities and backgrounds


The enjoyment of learning

"Let’s deliver them a path that can take them to a variety of destinations, limited only by their imaginations.”  Jack Penman, Inventor and founder

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