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Welcome to the world of JackBord, a world of STEM where you will learn about science, technology, engineering, mathematics, robotics, programming and electronics.

The JackBord is a powerful, robust, long lasting electronics device, computer, robot, programming and analytical tool that comes with sensors, servos, motors and Jackano supported by a multitude of video guides and activities to activate your curiosity, ignite your imagination and set off your unique creativity.

Our world needs you to become the next generation of scientists, engineers, and technicians - Jackbord has been designed specifically for you.


And we are with you all the way on your STEM learning journey, with authentic, hands on, real world activities for all ages and abilities.


Using our ingenius TOP understand the theory, componentry and application of electronics, essential to understanding robotics and programming.

Build circuits, activate switches and LEDs.

Here, the TOP is attached to the JackBord

Programming & Data Analytics

Learn how to use commands, write programs and analyse data, using Octagon, our own programming language providing an easy pathway to more complex programmes such as Java Script or Python

Capacitive Soil Moisture 17.jpg


Measure light, humidity, temperature, soil moisture, water quality, proximity....the options to use sensors to conduct your experiments and projects are almost limitless.

Check out this soil moisture sensor.


Learn how to use readings from sensors or programs to make physical decisions, such as moving servos or driving with motors

Check out this claw for our beach cleaning robot


Build your own robots with real metal, nuts and bolts.

Here's our pendulum


Combine electronics, programming, sensors, engineering, construction and control to make robots! Just like our Mars robot

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