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Setting Up

Abstract Background

Here are some instructional guides explaining how to use your JackBord and its components, along with some videos to help you understand things.


Setting Up Your JackBord

This involves getting to know your JackBord, and connecting it to the Internet.


Using the TOP

In this guide you will learn about using the TOP with the JackBord and how to make basic circuits using the TOP.


Using Your JackBord for the First Time

Here you will learn how to create a Personality and Adopt your JackBord.


Connecting the MK1 DRV Motors

This guide will walk you through attaching the MK1-DRV motors and wheels to your JackBord for the first time. This is the standard method we use, and will help get you moving.

Video Guides

We also have video guides for the JackBord! Below you will find videos on setting up, connecting, and getting started.

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