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A durable and versatile electronics, scientific instrument, computer, coding, robotic and construction device all in one !

Authentic learning 
The possibilities are in the minds and hands of users
  • No prior knowledge is required.

  • Students can learn at their own pace inspired by over 100 activities covering 4 Levels within 4 Foundation and 6 Application subjects.

  • With learner and teachers guides educators can deliver curriculum and achievement standards.

  • Ideal for primary and secondary schools, home schoolers, maker groups, holiday workshops, youth groups, JackBord will captivate curious minds for hours, opening up a world of opportunity in science, engineering, technology, robotics and more.

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& much more!

Now with a basic foundation in electronics, coding and sensors the world of STEM really opens up.

We provide many more Guides,  Activities and Projects for

  • Science,

  • Robotics

  • Technology

  • Engineering

  • Arts 

  • & more!

  • to inspire curious minds to create their own projects


Progress you prior learnings in electronics and coding to discover how sensors work from our huge range, use your electronics knowledge to connect them to the JackBord, then use programming to collect the data! Test for  temperature and humidity, soil moisture, light, Ph, water cleanliness, range, numerous possibilities.


Now move on to  coding, including the concepts of data and data processing leading to practical application.

We have our very own coding language called Octagon, which is great for beginners and an ideal segue into other programming languages.


Start your journey by learning about electronic components, theory and application. Electronics lays the foundation for coding and robotics.
Learn to design and construct electronic circuits!

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Delivering curriculum and providing achievement standards couldn't be easier with easy to understand video guides and activities.

Learners need no prior knowledge and can learn at their own pace


Teachers take control of own professional development in IT. Keep ahead of the students. No prior knowledge required and learn at your own pace and place with our easy to follow video guides and activities.

Our own built-in programming language.
Easy to learn and use and a fantastic stepping stone to more complex languages such as Python or Java Script.
More advanced programmers can skip Octagon and  programme JackBord using Python.
It couldn't be easier!


Use anywhere, anytime.

Wi fi / IR enabled.

Learners can carry on their projects online / at home  on their own DashBoard.

No need to take away the hardware

Keep water, soil moisture or air cleanliness monitoring projects going for months on end with our static "Keepers".
Analyse the data with Octagon

Build robots, toys, games, science projects, weather  stations, testing environments, greenhouses, pendulums, tools ...-you name it.
Bolt on JacKano, our precision laser cut, aluminium parts which you put together using real nuts 'n bolts.  
The possibilities are in the hands of users.

MeKits are special collections of parts we have put together to give learners a head start with projects in Science, Horticulture, Robotics, Electronics, Construction.  
These will inspire them to make their own projects using an array of sensors, servos, motors and JacKano available.  


Learn basic electronics with no prior knowledge with the amazing TOP. 
With built in LEDs, resistors, capacitors, transistors, switches build circuits and bring electronics alive.
Understanding electronics is the foundation to programming and robotics.

Work with the local community to monitor a local stream's water quality, an area's micro climate or air quality,  wi fi hot spots, or build a beach cleaning robot (picture above). The possibilities are limited only by imaginations 

Ideal for library after school or holiday programmes, Youth groups

Agricultural & Horticultural Science
Design & Visual Communication
Chemistry & Biology
Digital Technologies
Physics, Earth & Space Science
Statistics & Mathematics
English (Te Reo Māori to come)
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