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This awesome package is loaded with a bit of everything to get you underway.

Unlike many single use robots and construction sets, JackBord is  a sytem that just keeps on giving-electronics, programming, robotics, science, art /graphics, construction, data logging.

One JackBord will see a user through their learning journey. Just keep adding sensors and kits.


The starter kit includes the incredibly powerful and multi functional JackBord, the TOP electronics board, a range of internal and external sensors, servos, motors, wheels, and Jackano-our own metal parts for construction-a toolkit, storage pouches and container, Octagon software for coding,  programming and datalogging, and access to numerous guides and activities through the DashBoard, all supported online; direct, through a website forum or collaborating with other JackBorders.  

Welcome to the incredible world of JackBord-"Opening a World of Opportunity"

JackBord Starter Kit

GST Included |
  • JackBord-the ultimate tool for teaching and learning STEM for those aged 9 and above

    JackBord is a powerful, multifunctional, robust, durable electronics device, computer, robot, programming and analytical tool that comes with sensors, servos, motors and Jackano supported by  a multitude of video guides and activities to activate learners curiosity, ignite their imaginations and innate creativity. 

    The possibilities are in the hands and minds of users.

    ​JackBord provides an authentic, hands on, real world experience sought by educators world wide.

    It is for all ages and abilities, requires no prior knowledge and students can learn at their own pace and place.

    • Made in New Zealand
    • Ready to go straight out of the box 
    • Incredibly robust, physically and electronically
    • Kinesthetic. Learn as you build with JacKano!
    • Remote firmware updates
    • No need to upload software
    • Self contained
    • General purpose, attach just about anything and use with any device
    • Well protected against accidents by aluminium casing and sturdy construction
    • Power supply & input protection
    • Use for data logging, environmental studies
  • JackBord Plus

    • Indestructible aluminium build

    • Lithium ion battery-6 hours, depending upon use

    • 2 x ESP32-S3 Dual Core Modules each with 16mb flash and 8mb PSRAM

    • Built in 

      • Motor Drive

      • IR remote receiver

      • IR remote transmitter

      • Wi Fi

      • Bluetooth

      • LED power and activity monitors

      • Dozens of pins/ports to expand capability

      • MQTT, supports multiple programming languages

      Internal Sensors

      • Temperature

      • Light level

      • Wifi signal strength

    TOP electronics board

    with jumper wires and alligator clips

    Octagon software

    for coding and programming


    for JackBorders only





    Online Support

    Sensors on our unique Universal Sensor Interface

    • Short Range Proximity Sensor 

    • Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor

    • Soil Sensor

    • Laser Radar

    1 x Light Stick

    2 x Servos

    1 x Dual Servo Adaptor

    2 x  Electric Motors

    2 x Rear Wheels

    1 x Front Wheel


    an extensive aluminium pieces and nuts 'n bolts for construction


    Pliers, Screwdrivers, Allen keys, Spanner

    1 x Plastic insulator

    2 x 30cm length copper wire

    User Guides (video)

    Activities (video)

    3 x Pouches to carry accessories

    1 x Box to carry the lot

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