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The centre of the JackBord system. This is where it all began.

This long life multi purpose computer will see a user right through their learning journey. It just keeps on giving. Add JacKano, servos, sensors, motors, wheels, TOP,

Built of durable aluminium the JackBord contains two powerful processors, built in sensors, wifi, infra red, bluetooth conectivity, multiple user ports to connect, control and monitor all sorts of things using the port pins and logic inputs.

Easily connect buttons, sensors, Arduino modules and  i2c devices.

With a built in motor driver connect the drive motors directly to the JackBord to start driving straight away.

Charge the built in (removable) battery with USB-C cable (provided) to give you up to 6 hours of run time and many more hours for static use such as montioring data using sensors.

The built in Wifi provides connection to the Internet using your 2.4 g  home Wifi.


The JackBord

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