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BME280 Temperature, Relative Humidity and Pressure

This sensor allows you to measure air temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure.

Colour Sensor Module

The TCS34725 colour module allows the JackBord to determine the colour of a surface or object placed near the sensor.

Infrared Obstacle Avoidance

This unit will detect the presence of objects at distances of between about 2cm to 30cm.

RGB Colour

Detects the RGB (red, green and blue) colours of an object.

Sound Detection

Use the simple sound detector module to determine if there is sound above a pre-set threshold.

Capacitive Soil Moisture

This analog capacitive soil moisture sensor measures soil moisture by detecting the change in capacitance that stems from the moisture content of the surrounding soil. The output of the sensor is a voltage between 0V and 3V, with 0V being very dry soil and 3V being wet soil.

HC-SR505 Mini PIR Infrared Motion

HC-SR505 is an infrared module which detects the movement of a person or animal, at distances of up to 3m.

MQ4 Methane Gas

The MQ4 module allows the JackBord to detect methane gas at concentrations from 300 ppm to 10,000 ppm. The reading output from the sensor is an analog voltage from 0.1V to 4.5V. There is a digital output as well, pin DO, which is normally high and goes low when gas is detected.

Short Range Proximity

This sensor uses an infrared transmitter and receiver to gauge the distance between the sensor and an object near it. It has a digital and an analog output which can be used to control things in response to the presence or absence of an object.

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