What is JackBord?

Defining JackBord

JackBord is an educational system that breaks down the barriers to teaching and learning.

Users can create their own toys, games and projects to unravel the mysteries of science, develop technical and engineering skills, learn about electronics and coding, and construct their own robots!
The possibilities for learning are endless.


Our Story.

Flick through this slide to learn a little more about how we came to exist, and what we aim to achieve for students and teachers alike!


Does it fit the Curriculum?

JackBord covers most of the principles and competencies of the New Zealand Curriculum!

With Jackbord as their learning companion in formative years, learners will have developed a solid understanding of STEM - 

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.


Flick through this slide to learn a little more about what JackBord can do across the following subjects -

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Electronics, Coding, Robotics, Construction, and Literacy.

JackBord hits the sweet spot for educators and students. It will encourage the enjoyment of learning and the ability to think critically, problem solve, manage oneself, set goals, overcome obstacles and get along with others – all the attributes students need to succeed as adults.

The JackBord Educational System was designed by Jack Penman (a teacher) for students age 9 and up to learn STEM subjects. He knows the issues facing teachers, and he knows from personal experience how difficult it can be to learn when you have different and difficult to teach students.

The JackBord system assumes that the learner knows nothing about electronics, robotics or programming and can learn without assistance with easy to read materials and great instructional videos. Translation to Te Reo is a work in progress.

JackBord is ideal for many subjects: technology, science, maths, horticulture, chemistry, physics, geography, topography and more.

Many features and projects have been designed by students, and because we encourage them to actively participate in the JackBord ecosystem, ongoing development, projects and learning are very much in the hands of the learners themselves, who become our JackBorders/research and development team!

What are the benefits of authentic learning?

Educational research shows that authentic learning is an effective learning approach to preparing students for work in the 21st century

By situating knowledge within relevant contexts, learning is enhanced in all four domains of learning: cognitive (knowledge), affective (attitudes), psychomotor (skills), and psychosocial (social skills). 

JackBord is for learners of ALL abilities. Including those who experience learning difficulties due to experiencing things like Dyslexia or ADHD, students who are not engaged by traditional learning methods and learners who are often overlooked by the tools currently available to teachers. Yet these are the minds with untapped ideas that can make a difference. Sometimes there are simply no teachers available to teach STEM subjects. JackBord encapsulates the Inclusion Principle of the New Zealand Curriculum.

We offer over 90 instructive and fun activities to choose from using the MeKits and guidelines. Learners will find plenty of inspiration to get started and ignite their imagination and curiosity to unlock the mysteries of science and create their own projects. These can be fed back into the JackBord ecosystem for the benefit of other JackBorders, and so on. The potential is enormous.

JackBord is designed to teach teachers and learners with minimal guidance whilst being a superb resource to deliver curriculum. Teachers will find that they can easily harness the students enthusiasm and apply their crazy projects into areas of learning; students may not even know they are doing it!

JackBord is an ideal resource to achieve NCEA standards for the New Zealand Curriculum! For example, it can be used in many learning areas such as;



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