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JackBord is a computer, coding and robotic educational system!

No prior knowledge is required, and students can learn at their own pace, including at home. JackBord captivates curious minds for hours, opening up a world of opportunity in science, engineering, technology and robotics.

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JackBord's step-by-step guides make learning & teaching a breeze!




& more!

Start your journey by learning about electronic components, theory and application.

Learn to design and construct electronic circuits!

Learn about coding, including the concepts of data and data processing leading to practical application.

We have our very own coding language called Octagon, which is a great beginner language!

Discover how sensors work, use your electronics knowledge to connect them to the JackBord, then use programming to collect the data!


Learning and teaching is made easy when you use our step-by-step guides!

There are six more subjects covered by our step-by-step guides, including; Science, Robotics, Technology & more!


MeKits are special collections of parts that expand the capabilities of JackBord, every JackBord comes with a choice of 3 Starter MeKits!

We have have a wide range of MeKits including Science, Horticulture, Sensor kits + more!

You could choose a Motor Drive Kit which includes two motors and wheels, allowing you to get your JackBord moving! Pair that with the Robot Kit 2, and you can make your own light following robot!

Simplifying construction, JacKano helps those who learn best by doing.

JacKano makes ideas a reality using precision laser cut, aluminium construction parts held in place with M4 nuts and bolts. 

The precision laser cut aluminium is long lasting, allowing you to further customise your JackBord, along with expanding it's capabilities!

Octagon is JackBord's own, built-in, programming language. Designed to be simple and familiar, because it builds upon the JackBords’ simple commands, yet powerful - allowing you to solve problems without being overwhelmed.

Octagon is an easy to learn language that can be used as a stepping stone to learn other coding languages!

The JackBord TOP is designed to help you explore the JackBord and begin to learn basic electronics with no prior knowledge. 

With built in LEDs, light sensor, transistors + more, the TOP is the perfect tool for learning electronics!

The TOP allows you to create your own circuits, learn how all of the individual components function, and develop a solid foundation to your learning journey!

JackBord is the ideal tool for learners aged 9 and above! 

For example, it can be used in many learning areas, such as;

Agricultural & Horticultural Science
Design & Visual Communication
Chemistry & Biology
Digital Technologies
Physics, Earth & Space Science
Statistics & Mathematics
English (Te Reo Māori to come)


Get in touch with us today to unleash the potential in your young learners!

We can supply you with a catalog detailing the specifics of each MeKit and clear up any queries you may have.

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