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WiFi Signal Strength using ant

This program uses the /wifisig system variable to display how good the Wifi signal the JackBord has is. It uses the ant statement to determine which message to display based upon the strength of the Wifi signal.



Wifi Signal Strength Program using ant.

This uses the /wifisig system variable and the

ant command to check the wifi strength, and then

tell you about it.

NOTE: Each time the /wifisig system variable is used it updates

the wifi signal reading, so they will vary.


prog_vars =

d/wifi_state ""

d/wifi_sig 0

d/runs_to_do 0

d/runs_done 0

d/current_wifi 0


prog_start =

print "Wifi Signal Strength Program"

/runs_to_do 10


prog_loop =

-- Reset the wifi state var and get the wifi

-- signal level from the /wifisig sys var.

/wifi_state "XXX"

-- Get the wifi signal strength here once as it can

-- change on subsequent calls to the /wifisig sys var.

/current_wifi /wifisig

ant /current_wifi ->

<= -85 -> /wifi_state "Not Good"

<= -80 -> /wifi_state "TOO LOW!"

<= -70 -> /wifi_state "LOW"

<= -60 -> /wifi_state "WORSE"

<= -50 -> /wifi_state "BETTER"

<= -40 -> /wifi_state "GOOD"

<= -30 -> /wifi_state "V GOOD"

-> /wifi_state "NO Signal"


print "Wifi /wifi_state /current_wifi"

any /runs_done = /runs_to_do -> exitprog

inc /runs_done

d1 0


prog_stop =

print "Good bye"


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