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Auto Booting/Running a Program

The setboot command is used to set one of the programs on the JackBord to run when the JackBord is turned on.


Setting a Program to Run at Boot

The command format is: setboot prog_number

Where prog_number is the number of the program we wish to run at boot, ranging from 1 to 10. To set program number 5 to run at boot type:

setboot 5

The next time the JackBord starts it will run program number 5. You can check which program is set to auto run using the vp program status command. Once you have set the boot program you can test it using the reboot command to re-start the JackBord, if all is well the selected program should run.

Clearing a Set Boot Program

Use the setboot command with program number 0 eg:

setboot 0

This will stop the currently running boot program and clear it so no program will run automatically on the next boot.

Running the Boot Program Just Once

To run the boot program just once, ie because it just needs to configure the robot, you should place an exitprog command at the bottom of the prog_loop task. That way the program_loop will only run once and the program will exit.

  1. You cant run other programs while the boot program is running, this is because the JackBord can only run one program at a time.

  2. You can use the command line and most of the commands while the boot program is running.

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