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This kit helps to make science more engaging by allowing learners to apply technology in class!

The JackBord can record readings from the sensors providing a powerful data logging system for the classroom.

The Octagon programming language provides many features such as plotting in real time for analysing the data later.


Included is Short Range Proximity Sensor,  Relative Humidty & Temperature Sensor, Soil Moisture Sensor and a Laser Range Finder all on JackBord's unique Universal Sensor Interface (USI) that easily attach to the JackBord.

Having the sensor incorporated into the USI means the sensor is less likely to be damaged, can be easily found and with the QR code incorporated -an easy pathway to the Dashboard, guides and activities

Science Kit 1

GST Included |
    • 1 x Laser Range Finder USI

    • 1 x Soil Moiture USI

    • 1 x Relative Humidity & Temperature USI

    • 1 x x Short Range Proximity USI

    • All nuts, bolts and wires needed


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