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Get your JackBord moving with the Motor Drive Kit! 


Once the motors are fitted you have a mobile robot platform that you can control using your phone or even a TV infrared remote control.

The drive motors can also be used for other things such as rotating a disc or spinning a fan.


Combine this kit with the RC servo kit to make a mobile robot with a claw, or make a drawing robot by using a whiteboard pen and programming it to draw shapes on any suitable floor surface.

Motor Drive Kit

GST Included |
    • 2 x Drive Motors
    • 2 x Mounting Plate Kits
    • 2 x 65mm Wheels with Tyres
    • 1 x Front Trolley Wheel 
    • 1 x Multi-tool
    • All required nuts, bolts and washers.
    • Driving Robot
    • Infrared Remote Controlled Driven Robot
    • Dancing Robot
    • Floor Painting Robot
    • Motor Control Program
    • Bumper Robot (in use with MK1-RSK)
    • Light Following Robot (in use with MK1-RSK2)
    • Claw Robot (in use with MK1-SV)
    • Soccer Robot (in use with MK1-JK)
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