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Add these four sensors to the powerful JackBord and you have a great science starter kit to which you can add more sensors to unleash your curiosity on more projects.

This science kit is designed to get you measuring your environment, log and analyse data and  solve problems, for example to measure the quailty of your local stream.

Each sensor is built into JackBord's unique Universal Sensor Interface (USI) which makes connecting the sensors to the JackBord simple.

The USI makes for easy storage (less likely to lose or damage the small sensor),  protects against accidental wiring mistakes (shorting) and connects to activities using the QR code.


Videos for projects to get you inspired include:


  • Electronic ruler

  • Plant soil moisture monitor

  • Plant watering alarm

  • Reaction timer

  • Indoor temperature and humidity monitor

  • Simple burglar detector game


Kit contents:

  • 1 x JackBord 

  • 1 x USB C charger cable

  • 1 x Relative Humidity and Temperature sensor

  • 1 x Short Range Proximity sensor

  • 1 x Soil Moisture sensor

  • 1 x Short Distance Laser Range Finder

  • 20 x 10cm female jumper wires

  • 6 x M4 8mm bolts

  • 6 x M4 nuts

  • 1 x Allen key


JackBord Science Kit

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