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This robot starter kit gets you mobile right away, inspiring you into many more projects.

Easily drive your robot from the Drive page on the Dashboard where you can program it to do all sorts of cool things.

Add the two drive motors, wheels, a front trolley wheel with mounting plate, bolts, nuts and other useful bits, to your JackBord. Login in to your Dashboard, create / program or click on a game you have created and play robot games with your mates elsewhere


Some projects to get you inspired into creating your own:


  • A robot car

  • A robot car you can control with most common infrared remote controls

  • Dancing robot

  • A bumper robot 


Kit contents:

  • 1 x JackBord

  • 1 x USB C charger cable

  • 2 x Drive motors with wheels

  • 1 x Front trolley wheel

  • 1 x Front trolley wheel mount plate

  • 1 x Plastic insulator with holes

  • 10 x 10cm female jumper wires

  • 2 x Crocodile clip jumper wires

  • 2 x ~30cm length of utility wire

  • 20 x M4 8mm bolts

  • 20 x M4 nuts

  • 4 x M4 washers

  • 1 x Allen key

  • 1 x Multi spanner

JackBord Robot Kit

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