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The JackBord  Electronics Kit  contains all of the electronic components you need to learn basic electronics.

It is a great way to get started in both electronics and coding.


The TOP includes:


  • 4 x Types of fixed resistors

  • 2 x 10K variable resistors

  • 2 x Buttons

  • 1 x Light Dependent Resistor

  • 5 x LEDs

  • 1 x Diode

  • 3 x Capacitors

  • 3 x Transistors


These are all accessible using the built in pins and the provided jumper wires.

 The TOP can be controlled from the JackBord opening up an enormous range of possibilities from simple electronics projects to computer games.


Project links (videos) to inspire you to create your own include:


  • Rainbow LED display

  • Automatic night light

  • Night hour clock

  • Electronic dice

  • Continuity tester

  • Reaction timer

  • Buzz wire game


Kit contents:

  • 1 x JackBord 

  • 1 x JackBord TOP

  • 1 x USB C charger cable

  • 40 x 10cm female jumper wires

  • 4 x Crocodile clip jumper wires

  • 1 x ~30cm length of utility wire

JackBord Electronics Kit

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