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Date and Time Commands

dly - Delay for a set period of milli seconds

Purpose: Delays the execution of a program by the specified number of milli-seconds.

Syntax dly delayms Pushers No Returns Nothing

Examples dly 100 wait 100ms dly 1000 wait 1sec


This command does not delay the command line or other functions when run in a program.

Standard Delays The following is a table of standard delays built into JackBord:

Examples d50 wait 50ms d500 wait 0.5secs

rtimer1, rtimer2, rtimer3 - Reset system timer no 1 2 or 3


Reset system timer no 1 back to 0. This timer counts in milli-seconds from the time it was last reset and is available via the /timer1 system variable.




The format is the same for the other 3 system timers.

e.g. rtimer2 and rtimer3

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