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Actuator Commands

calstr - Run the steering limit switch calibration routine

Purpose This routine is for robots using a linear actuator steering system with left, center and right steering limit switches fitted. The routine establishes the range of the steering actuator and the location of the centre limit switch in terms of pulses applied to the linear actuator.

It also determines the travel length of the actuator in terms of the number of pulses required to move it through it’s full range.

Syntax calstr

Notes This is for robots with a linear actuator steering system. Once the calibration has been successfully completed the steering system will automatically use the new values so that the various built in steering functions will work as expected.

mvsa - Move linear steering actuator


Moves the steering actuator into a new position.


mvsa pos



The new position measured in pulses required to reach that position.

Examples mvsa 0 mvsa 100

Notes The required pulses need to be determined by running the calstr command first.

vdl - Drive System Limit Switch Status

Purpose Display the current Drive System Limit Switch Status

Syntax vdl

Example > vdl < LAct Steering: Limits Regs L0C0R0

HW State Cal

L 0 C 0 R 0 C 0 R 0 POS 0

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