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JackBord is the ultimate tool for teaching and learning STEM subjects for those aged 9 and above!

Opening a world of opportunity for young people by delivering fun and authentic learning experiences for curious and creative minds of ALL abilities, creating pathways to careers in science, engineering and technology

Authentic learning
Jackbord focuses on learning the fundamentals through growing a student's practical skills in electronics, coding, sensors and control, with hands on lessons and projects
The Jackbord system is specifically designed to enable students from any background and ability to confidently explore and learn Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths in an applied and fun way
Your partner in STEM 

Inventor Jack Penman wanted to help learners of all abilities and backgrounds to realise their potential to become tomorrow's innovators, scientists and engineers.

He didn't want them to face the same barriers he experienced as a student.

"Those that think and learn differently are the ones who will make a difference to solving the worlds problems"

So he invented the JackBord, a powerful, unique, enduring tool and system that will excite, inspire and partner students throughout their learning journey to confidently explore science, create engineering projects, learn about electronics, develop programming skills, master robotics, analyse data, and have fun doing so. 

“Let’s deliver them a path that can take them to a variety of destinations, limited only by their imaginations.”

Limited only by your imagination

With the incredibly powerful JackBord, supported by extensive easy to follow guides and activities, the possibilities for learning and exploring are virtually endless.

We support you to master STEM so that you dare to dream, explore, develop and realise your imagination.

Engage in forums, share your projects with us and other JackBorders.

The world needs you! to take on science, technology and engineering.

JackBord will partner with you to get there.

Jack spoke about his own learning experiences and challenges, and why he created Jackbord at TEDx Kapiti in a talk titled "Why I'm terrified of being normal"

Educators are able to deliver curriculum and qualifications (and learn themselves!)

We don't set out to be educators, however teachers will find they can easily apply our activities to meet curriculum and provide qualifications.

Jack's detailed yet easy to follow videos mean that students (and teachers) can learn without assistance or further guidance.

JackBord is ideal for teacher professional development.
Whilst our guides and activities are designed for self learning we provide online support throughout your journey. Your partner in STEM.

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