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100+ activities
with step-by-step guides!

The ultimate tool for STEM!

JackBord is the ultimate tool for teaching and learning STEM subjects for those aged 9 and above!

Opening a world of opportunity for young people by delivering fun and authentic learning experiences for curious and creative minds of ALL abilities, creating pathways to careers in science, engineering and technology.

Designed for Curious Minds

We help students realise their potential to become tomorrow's innovators, scientists and engineers whilst providing teachers with the tools they need to guide them.

JackBord delivers most of the principles and competencies of the New Zealand Curriculum! 

With JackBord as their learning companion in formative years, learners will have developed a solid understanding of STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Simple pathway to programming!

Build with real metal using JacKano!

Created for learners of ALL abilities!

Can be used remotely from anywhere, with wifi!

Create projects with MeKits!

Curious about what our users think?

Here are a few testimonials from teachers and students!

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