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2001 - The Command Line

This series of activities introduces the command line at a basic level to new users and focuses on using built-in commands and no external electronics.

Computer Programming

The aim of this series is to introduce commands to students who have NO prior knowledge of coding or programming. There are many programming languages that are used, so to keep things consistent and simple we will use Octagon throughout all activities and subjects. Octagon is JackBord’s very own language and was designed to make it easy to teach programming.

There are 16 activities as listed below, all with a student guide and teacher guide. Students will require access to a device that is able to connect to the internet. By working through the activities in order, students will build a sense of confidence and understanding of working with commands.

Programming can seem quite daunting at first, but by building up their knowledge and confidence with simple one-line commands, students will be able to work up to programming in later subjects and activities. Specifically, students can start programming in 2011 - Introduction to Programming.

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